Many times, people ask if love spells work or if there really is such a thing as strong love spells. We’re going to clear up those doubts right now.

strong love spells

How Does A Love Spell Work?

First off, remember that there are two types of magic – black and white. Love spells are white magic, which means that they are brought about using interior strength, visualization, and the forces of nature. They cause harm to no one and don’t lance any malefic evil that could hurt someone. So, stay calm. Love spells are going to be just fine if they are white magic.

How Long Do They Take To Work?

It really depends. Some spells may take 2 days to work, while others may take a week or a month. It depends on the state of being of the person performing them.

It also has much to do with how long ago you were in love with that person, how you ended the relationship, and more. It may take longer in some cases than in other cases.

Spells meant to attract someone new to you may work more quickly.

What Affects Whether or Not IT Works?

Love spells do work, but it depends on how positive you hare. If you are going to do an enchantment or a spell for love, do it in a positive way, trying to attract all good to you.

What is a Love Spell I Can Try at Home?

Here is a very simple love spell you can try in your own home. You’ll need a piece of paper, a red candle, and honey.

First, write your initials and the complete name of the person you desire on the piece of paper. Then, light the red candle, and think for a few minutes of the person that you want to attract.

After thinking for a few minutes, drizzle a small amount of honey onto the paper, then fold it in four. Place it under your pillow for two nights in a row.

On the second night, burn the paper and keep the ashes until the spell has worked.

Here’s a second one you can also try, if you wish. First off, though, make sure you’re completely sure of your feelings toward the chosen person.

Make sure you are alone, and light three red candles. Write both your name and your love’s name on a paper, then drizzle a little bit of cinnamon on it and then fold.  With the paper in your hands and pressed on to your chest, say this invocation:

”May these two names be joined in one single sentiment and walk together, joined in harmony and that the coming moments be happy and joyful.”

Once these words are said, let the paper slowly burn in the candle flame. As the paper smokes, use one hand to push the smoke to where the person may be.

Repeat this spell every day for three days in a row before you go to sleep. The result that you are looking for will come very quickly.